Good Boy bookmark

This is my first split ring pattern! I made it in December 2002. I've named it Brave Jongen which is Dutch for Good Boy.

Materials MEZ No 30, two shuttles. (DMC Cordonnet Special No 30 will also do fine).
Size This bookmark is 17 cm (7 inches) long.
Description All rings are 8x3 d.s.
Look at the diagram. The numbers indicate the order in which to work the rings. All knots done with Shuttle A are in black. All knots done with Shuttle B are in blue. So most of the time black knots are normal, transferred knots, and most of the time blue knots are reverse stitch, not transferred knots.
But beware: one ring with Shuttle B - ring 10 - is worked using normal knots, when you're half way doing the second (reverse part) of ring 9, 11 (which is why I've given it two numbers).
When going from ring 9, 11 to ring 12, and when going from ring 14 to 15, leave an extra space of 6 mm (1/4 inch) between the rings.

You could do this bookmark in an easier way I guess. but this is the way I did it. Why not try changing the order of work, and see if it works?