Bad Boy bookmark

This is a simple bookmark featuring the node stitch. I made this one in 1991. I've named it Kwajongen which is Dutch for Bad Boy.

Materials MEZ No 30, one shuttle. (DMC Cordonnet Special No 30 will also do fine).
Size This bookmark is 21 x 4 cm.
Description All big rings: 10x3 d.s.
All small rings: 3-3-3-9
Chains: 4x5-4x5. The ones at the ends are 4x5 only.
Please note: 4x5 means: four times five half stitches, consistently the same half. After five stitches you pass the shuttle around the thread on your left hand, in the same direction as you made the stitches, but now without making a stitch. This gives the spiralling effect. Begin and end each series of node stitches with a double stitch for stability.
So: 4x5-4x5 is actually:
1 d.s., 4x5 h.s., 1 d.s, picot, 1 d.s., 4x5 h.s, 1 d.s.

The diagram below shows the order of working.