Minuet Doily

The name of this doily is the result of a naming contest, won by Adelheid Dangela from Germany. Its diameter is 38 cm, or 15 inch. I've used DMC Special Cordonnet No. 40 for it. This is a classic doily done with two shuttles, using no special techniques at all. I've designed it completely on the computer.

The first picture below is the original design. After I created it I decided to change it a bit here and there, but I haven't updated the design drawing afterwards. The last picture shows the first version of the doily, the same doily that is shown above. The second one is a more recent version, done with the same thread, but with different stitch counts, to make it bigger. It's closer to the design, but I like the third one better. The sizes of these doilies are 49 (almost 20 inch) and 38 cm (15 inch).