Waves edging

A difficult edging! That's because you have to master two special techniques: pearl tatting and roll tatting. Rebecca Jones's book The Complete Book of Tatting explains both techniques.

Materials DMC Cordonnet Special No 30, two shuttles
Size This edging is 1 cm wide.
Description 1: Ring 3-1 12r 1-3
2: Pearl Chain 2-2-2-2
3: Ring 3-1 18r 1-3
4. Pearl chain 2-2-2-2
(r means: one roll)

The diagram below shows the order of working.
Some hints:
I've tatted the rings on the wrong side of the work, so in directional tatting, this means I do the second half, then the first half of the double stitch.
Before and after a ring I reverse work.
When doing the pearl tatting, I don't reverse the work. I work two stitches with the core thread in the normal way, and then two stitches with the other shuttle using the reverse stitch as in a split ring. That way, I don't have to reverse the work after each two stitches.
A pearl tatting chain consists of three threads. One of them in this edging comes from the ball.