The Monster Project - Part 6 (Final)

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Well, here it is. I finished it on the 1st of February 2010. Before that, my wife washed it for me, and dried it in the sun. No shrinking, and all discolourings have disappeared. I then started correcting a lot of errors, like missed joins, and wrong scallops. After that, I pinned it out, and saw that there were still some spaces that were just too open. So, I took my shuttles and tatted some additional motifs to fill them up. All and all this still kept me busy for a couple of weeks. Finally I pinned it out, blocked it, and was satisfied with the result. Finished, at last!

So, to get from the first concept to the final result this centerpiece took me four and a half years. Tatting it took almost four years. It is slightly larger than anticipated: 66 cm , or 26 inch. As you may remember, I used DMC Special Cordonnet No. 100 for this one.

OK folks. That's the end of the story. I must quickly grab my shuttles now and come up with something new!