Mock Pearl Tatting

Mock pearl tatting

Above you see a small sample of a stitch that I've been experimenting with. I saw in a book about knots a picture of a knot with the Dutch name rommelknoop, (lit. rubbish knot). It's series of knots in a chain, where each second knot is a flipped one. I tried this, then tried a chain of double stitches with each second double stitch an unflipped one. The result was a rather featureless, uninteresting chain.

Next I made little chains 1-1, 1-1, each second 1-1 again unflipped. That's what you see on the picture. This reminded me very much of pearl tatting. That why I like to call it mock pearl tatting. Actually, this turns out to be a special case of an existing technique called zig-zag chains. When doing zig-zag chains, you make series of flipped and unflipped double stitches of any length you wish. See Bina Madden's page on this subject.

Below, I've put a small sample of pearl tatting for comparison. I've used sets of 2 stitches each.

Normal pearl tatting

Below you see an application of mock pearl tatting in the first heart I ever tatted. You can find the pattern for this heart here.

Tatted heart with mock pearl tatting