My Doilies Gallery

In this gallery, I show you doilies of my own design, published and unpublished. I hope you like them. (Click on a picture for a larger view.)

Once Upon
A Time
square doily
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall diamond shaped doily Buttercups oval doily Étoile doily Eleonore doily Tequila Sunrise doily Santé coaster Corona doily Soleil oval doily Inspiration
Snow Crystal doily Carnival doily Alhambra doily Fall square mat Baroque oval doily Église round doily Nostalgia oval doily Ferns doily Pinecones doily
Minuet doily Champagne coaster Sacré Coeur centerpiece Olympia coaster Palace Garden hexagonal doily Take Four square doily Lace Flower coaster Take Five doily Take Seven doily